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Art.: 06943

Airsoft gun 73cm

Product Code:6943

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Packaging: 20.0000Stück
Units in box: 20
Airsoft gun, 73cm, with scope, top loader, pump-action for tensing, 75.5x19.5x5.5cm colour box, 14 years up, less than 0.5 Joule


Warning: WARNING! This is not a toy! Not for persons under the age of 14! Read the warning carefully before using the gun. Never aim or shoot at persons or animals. Don't leave the gun unattended. Don't leave the gun within reach of children. Remove the magazin and lock the gun barrel when not using the gun. Only shoot in a correct position. Only use appropriate munition with this item. The use of safety glasses is recommended. The importer will not be responsible for jamming of the cartridge or any problems caused by crude pellets. The importer will not be reponsible for any misuse or remodelling of this item. Attention! Due to possible confusion don't bear and use the gun in public.
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