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Declaration pertaining to Data Protection (Privacy Policy) for Paul Import GmbH


The owners of Paul Import GmbH take the protection of private data seriously. It is a matter of some importance that particular respect should be paid to the private sphere when processing personal data. Personal data are exploited accorded to the stipulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG); the owners of this website pledge themselves to secrecy. These websites may contain links to the websites of other providers that are not covered by this declaration on data protection.  Other important information can also be found in our General Terms of use.

1. Personal Data

Personal data are pieces of information that can be used to establish a person’s identity. They include, for example, a person’s correct name, address, postal address, telephone number. Information that cannot be directly linked to a person’s real identity (such as favoured websites or number of users of a particular site) is not included in this.
It is possible on principle to use our online-service without revealing one’s identity. If one decides to register, i.e. to become a member (registered user), then one can deposit personal information in an individual user’s profile. It is the free decision of the person concerned whether he enters these data or not. As our endeavours are to raise as few personal data as possible in connection with the use of our services, it is sufficient for the purpose of registering to disclose a name – under which one will be registered as a member and which need not be one’s real name – and the e-mail address to which the key word will be sent. In connection with access to our sites, server-side data (e.g. IP-Address, date, time and sites viewed) will be stored. No person-related exploitation takes place. The right is reserved to evaluate anonymised data sentences for statistical purposes.
We use personal data for the purposes of the technical administration of the websites and client management only to the extent necessary to perform those services. Beyond that, personal data will only be stored if these have been entered voluntarily.

2. Disclosure of personal data

We use personal information solely for this website. We do not disclose the information to third parties unless we have express permission to do so. Should, in the context of commissioned data processing data be passed on to service providers, these providers are bound to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), other statutory prescriptions and to these Privacy Policy declarations. The levying or transmission of personal data to state institutions and authorities will only follow in the context of mandatory statutory regulations.

3. Use of Cookies

We use cookies – small files containing configuration information. They help to determine user-specific settings and to realise special user functions and the smooth processing of your order. These cookies require only a minimum amount of storage space, do not interfere with the functioning of your computer in any way and we do not register any personal data with the help of cookies. All the website’s functions may be used without cookies, however, certain user-defined characteristics and settings are not then available.

4. Children

Persons under the age of 18 should not reveal any personal data to us without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. We do not ask for personal data from children, neither do we collect such data or pass them on to third parties.

5. Right of Revocation

If you have disclosed personal data to us, then you may alter and/or delete these again in your user profile at any time. In order to delete an account fully, please contact the webmaster.

6. Links to other websites

Our online-service may contain links to other websites. We do not have any influence upon whether the owners of those sites adhere to the data protection regulations.

7. SSL-Connections

In order to protect your data we use the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transmission method.  By this method the transmitted data are encoded before being posted to the internet and are thus not accessible for third parties.

8. Questions and Commentaries

Should you have any questions or suggestions and commentaries on the subject of data protection, please address these per e-mail to the Webmaster of Paul Import GmbH.